Monday, May 24, 2010

What can you make with a.....

I started thinking...(I know that could be scary)

What can you make with a brown paper bag???

So I wanted to start and make a list... please add to it... and lets see how many things we can do with a brown paper bag....

1) a gift bag (a no brain er)
2) a background for a card
3) a book cover (remember those days way back when, when you had to cover your school books)
4) a gift tag
5) wrap a gift
6) luminaries (to line your yard on Christmas Eve)
7) a paper Album
8) a paper flower

It is the paper flower that I want to expand on... on many of the blogs there are instructions of how to make paper flowers.... I have tried many types of paper, including coffee filers, and tin foil (that can become another list of What you can make with a ????) Anyhow the flowers I made with plain brown paper bags, came out great.. kind of a shabby sheik look...

So now it is your turn to add to the list.
Put your thinking caps on....
take care, Dolly

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