Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Simple Card 6/8/10

This really is a simple card to make even if you don't have all the tools I used. I am listing the basic items I used but you can use anything you like. It's the idea I pass along.

white card stock
brown fine line ink pen
markers peach, yellow, salmon, sage, lime green
cuttle bug and embossing folder
gold wire
green glitter glue
plane premade notecard
glue dots
glue tape

1. Emboss the front of the card with whatever ebossing folder you like or have.
2. Hand draw the outline of the flower and leaves with brown ink pen on whire card stock.
3. Color the the flower however you like. I like to shade and use multiple colors. Cut out the flower.
4. Glue crystal in center.
5. Cut 4 small holes 2 on oposite sides of the center useing a piecering tool or large needle. Cut 2 - 2" of gold wire, fold in half. Poke each end of the wire through a separte hole. After pulling the wire through the holes being very careful not to tear the paper, curl the ends of the wire.
6. Tear a strip of white card stock, using glue tape on the back place near the bottom of the card and cut the ends off to match the card.
7. Hand write or stamp in brown ink Thank You.
8. Attach the flower with a pop up glue dot.

(If you don't think you can draw a flower you can. Look at any stamp or colorbook outline of a flower and use it for basic inspiration, yours will be unique. Or have any child do it for you and you can't go wrong)

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