Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's Really Simple

Last night I went to a wedding. At the very last minute I still needed to make a card. This is not the card I made but one that has the same idea. I very quickly drew a smiple picture of three flowers. I am usally at a loss for what I want to say. looking at what I had just drawn,I noticed how simple it was. It came to me "It's very simple...." and on the inside I wrote "I wish you happiness". Today I got to thinking about how I am always trying to come up with more elaborate cards, we don't have to. Sometimes we need to keep it simple and just say what we mean. The card has no bling and nothing extra, I like it and plan on using this idea again.

Having a good Day ...... Darlene


Dolly said...

KISS keep it simple... SISTER

Debbie said...

Very nice!