Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Darlene's first 3 favorite products

Three of my Favorite products are Hologram Glitter Glue, 3D Crystal Lacquer and Color Box pigment ink.

How do I know these are my favorite products and must have? Recently I went to a family wedding and these were the only products I brought with me, knowing I was going to be making wedding cards for the event.

Hologram Glitter Glue -
If I had to decide which product is my must have I think it would be this product. The first time I bought this product I bought the small size thinking I would just try it. What a mistake. Even though this product goes a long way I found I used it on everything and was afraid I would run out before I could get the larger size. I have a lot of other glitter glues that I love but this is the only one I grab first.
Where to Find - The Stencil Collection (see product Links)

3D Crystal Lacquer -
I knew this product would be a must have when I first bought it that I went ahead and purchased the large refill size at the same time.
How I use it:
This product adds a clear shiny 3D effect. I use it on Cards directly and on cutouts that I use as pop ups. When I want to have an image or any area to stand out. Since it is clear the color you put it on gets deeper and brighter. It can also be used as a glue.
Where to Find - Sakura Hobby Craft (see product Links)

Color Box Ink -
I love the small eye shaped boxes for the size and easy to handle when you want to color the edges of cards and tips of flowers.

Darlene 5/19/2010

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